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Design Stations Software

  • Designers rapidly preview Android themes using Photoshop inside folders staged by the app

  • The desktop app generates screenshots almost instantaneously and without exposing Android source code to the design team

  • Initially a minimalistic desktop CLI tool, later rewritten with Electron.js, the desktop app can prototype themes for the following apps: FairPlayer PowerAMP PlayerPro N7 Player FairKeyboard Go Keyboard TouchPal AI Type Go Launcher Go SMS

  • Once a design is finished, it is packed as a .fractal archive and sent to the APK Factory Hub via Internet or Intranet for review

APK Factory Hub

  • The APK Factory Hub is an online platform where designers, copyrighters and managers discuss themes and suggest improvements

  • 2FA by SMS is enabled by default and all user actions are logged, including those generated by Design Stations

  • .fractal archives (much smaller than final apk files) are backed-up using the DropBox API

  • Once approved, .fractal archives are assigned to Google Play developer accounts and sent to the corresponding VM Cluster

VM Cluster

  • VM Clusters are physical servers connected to the same network as the APK Factory Hub server that can be powered on or off with Wake-on-LAN

  • Each Google Play developer account is hosted on a separate VMWare virtual machine, with its own dedicated VPN IP

  • Each VM is resumed or suspended by the Master APK Factory; Slave APK Factory software installed on each VM handles VPN connectivity and app creation

  • An Android Publisher API to add new apps does not exist; a headless browser controlled by Selenium would perform this and other tasks instead

  • The .fractal archive would be expanded with image manipulation and optimization tasks, i18n, screenshot post-processing and dynamic source code for each app before packaging and signing with Ant tools and ProGuard

Public services

  • Once live, apps would connect to a public server to check for new notifications and other info; this server is controlled by the Hub with RESTful requests

  • Apps would also request advertisement IDs and fallback rules for each known ad slot to maximize eCPM

  • A list of themes including package name and promo image is assigned per developer account

  • In order to keep our accounts safe, an OpenVPN server handles ~50 private IPs for OpenVPN clients running on VMs

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